Thursday, November 26, 2009

Calm Down!

Last Saturday, I took my students to the M.A.L.L. (Multimedia Access to Language Learning), so they could use the blog and practice the structure learned, which was the future form. They were supposed to talk about their plans for their vacation. Reading their posts made me write to you. When assigning a writing task in which students are supposed to practice a certain grammar point or new vocabulary, make sure they remember to use the structure suggested. Only then will they practice and be able to use it at all times. Tell them to try not to let their native language interfere in their writing. We know they want to sound spontaneous by using their own words, but using the structure suggested is the perfect way to practice what they learned in class. Once, a student told me that he didn´t use the structure suggested because he felt like he was copying my words or the words from the book and he didn´t want to do that, he wanted to be original. Be it as it may, a grammar point or new vocabulary, students should use it as much as possible. At first, yes, it will sound mechanical and artificial, but later it will come out naturally because they´ll be used to it. The more they use it, the better.

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