Monday, March 1, 2010

Let´s get down to business!

Long time no see! Ok, here is some news. Daniela Lyra, a co-worker, and I are working on a digital communication project for young learners. Our main goal is to develop activities that promote the use of webtools in class in order to foster students´ writing skills in a lively and fun way. I am also working on writing tasks with my teen students. After learning the third person of the Present Tense, I showed the students two slides in a powerpoint presentation. I told my students that the first slide showed items that said something about me and the second slide showed items that were meaningful to my sister. Students were supposed to look at the slides and come up with sentences about me and my sister. For example, "teacher, you like soda" and "your sister likes juice", or "you don´t listen to pagode" and "your sister listens to gospel music.". As students came up with the sentences, I wrote them on the board in the form of a paragraph. I also added an introduction (My sister and I are different in many ways) and a conclusion (These are the reasons why we are so different). After checking comprehension of the verb forms used, students wrote a paragraph describing the differences between them and a friend or a member of the family. They were supposed to add the introduction and the conclusion.

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