Saturday, November 27, 2010

My sibling´s routine

This is an extension of the Digital Project in Unit 8 "My Routine", but now my Elementary students are using the action verbs to describe the routine of a third person. They were supposed to write about a sibling. The tool chosen here was the MIXBOOK ( because it was the easiest one to be taught and used in the little time we had, which was two weeks. Also, this tool allows us to add photos or images, which makes the book extremely appealing. Because some parents don´t allow their children to have their photos on the internet, I gave them the option to add ordinary images. Every class I would gradually teach them one step at a time. They were supposed to work at home, by themselves. I did not promise any kind of reward or points. I simply assigned the task, which was supposed to be completed as soon as they could and presented to the entire class. Surprisingly, five of the students made the mixbook. After reading their books, I managed to sugggest corrections to some of them but one was left unrevised, due to time constrains. Nevertheless, It´s worth to take a look at them and see how cute they are. Here is one of the books. In this one, the student, Guilherme, didn´t use photos. As soon as I have the permission of the parents, I´ll post the other books here.  I don´t think they will oppose to that, but I want to ask them anyway. Meanwhile, the books are only available in my wiki.

View Sample Photo Books
Create your own Photo Book

Despite the complexity of this tool, the challenge of doing something on their own without the teacher´s supervision was very appealing to them. It was not the book itself, but managing to do it, being able to add the photos and the text. I think this was the main contributing factor for the success of the few people who worked on the project. I was glad there were five, considering the complexity of the task. They felt really good about themselves. Some of them told me they are working on other books already, personal projects per say.

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  1. I love everything you do!!!!!The way you empowered your students to produce digital content themselves added a great deal of value to our project!!!! Congratulations to you all!