Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Classdigitools: Task 3

Here I am again! Very late with my tasks, by the way, because I have been up to my eyes in work, so I just couldn´t sit and do my tasks. Even so, I´m still keeping faith and living the famous "Better Late Than Never" motto. 

Let´s get down to business, shall we? Creative writing is something I love doing. I have always enjoyed using my imagination when writing and sometimes I use such activities in class, with flashcards in particular, which work perfectly. I usually place them around or tape them on the board. Students select a few and write a story based on those pictures. They enjoy the process, thinking about it makes them smile wondering how funny or crazy their stories are and how their peers will react to them once they read them outloud. And of course, the best part is sharing them. They have a lot of fun. The task assigned for week 2 is here: All we had to do was briefly select one among different characters, settings and plots and create a short starter for a story. Then, we posted them in the comment area.  

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  1. Thanks Telma, I have to admit that I haven´t been very active lately for I have developed two other blogs very close to my heart, but I have something in mind for next neek.