Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Keep swimming ...keep swimming....

Every time I watch the animation Finding Nemo, I have fun with Dory. Especially because she reminds me of myself (I also happen to be forgetful and absent-minded), but recently, I have been experiencing her persistent optimism. There are times when teaching becomes really difficult, a struggle per say, either because we have to deal with so many different people at the same time - people who have different ways of seeing the learning of the language and I dare to say that some resist that in every way - or because all the aspects involved in this craft  demand attention, responsibilities, time, response and dedication. And I have been trying to insert my students in this world called "digital". Writing digital to be precise. And I got to tell you all that "keep swimming" is my latest motto now. I have an intermediate EFL group and since the first week, I´ve been persistently encouraging them to post material in my wiki. I assigned two activities actually, in which they were supposed to describe  a party they´ve been to and also post a link or a picture of a popular festival around the world. At first, nobody did it, which did not surprise me. I expected they wouldn´t. But after some time, little by little, (I mean "reeeeeeeeeally slowly) they started posting. Even the ones I thought would absolutely not do it at all because they didn´t care. For my surprise, they did. And Dory came to my mind. Keep swimming... keep swimming... I´m glad I persisted and I´m happy with the responses I have had so far. 

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