Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why are they such a pain?

Sometimes I wonder whether teens wake up in morning saying: Today, I´m going to make someone´s life very difficult!!!! It´s amazing how good they are at pushing our buttons (by the way, they know exactly where each button is) , even the most experienced teachers have to figure out ways to deal with their constant nagging, candy eating - which they insist on doing although you have told them a million times not to - their eye rolling and more than ever before, their fiddling with their cell phones. Urghh!!!!!!! Those cell phones!!!! It makes me wonder what´s so important that can´t wait till the end of the class. Task assigned today: a written one. They were supposed to discuss and write about an ad for a travel agency tour. When I said the word write, they all started whining...annoyingly by the way. They only gave in when I told them what that writing would become afterwards. A digital project, in which they are expected to make a poster (with GLOGSTER) with information on the tour and which will provide them with an opportunity to use the vocabulary learned in the lesson. GLOGSTER (www.glogster.com) is a tool that allows us to create colorful posters with pictures, text and videos. Totally awesome. 

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  1. Once again digital tools are motivating teens to write. They are so lucky to have you!