Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Digital Projects 2/2011: Teens

Our digital projects were carried out the following way: We covered the lesson, which included a grammar point and vocabulary. Then, students were assigned a written task, in which they were supposed to use what they had learned and which was corrected and then translated into a digital presentation. In order to accomplish that, a data show presentation was given, so students learned how to use the digital tools, they worked individually at home or in pairs in the computer laboratory and when they finished, they presented ther final work to peers. Here are a few:

MIXBOOK: The third person - Students learned how to describe a person´s likes and dislikes.


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MOVIE MAKER: Superlatives - Students used the superlative form of adjectives to write about their family.

BLABBERIZE: Routine - Students wrote and talked about their lives.

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