Friday, September 25, 2009

Students´ blog

Well, it´s been 15 days since I started this blog and I was wondering when it would be the right time for me to have a students blog. I asked Carla Arena, an expert in digital communication, if it was the right time to do that because I didn´t want to start something before I was ready. Anyway, I decided to try and created a blog for my advanced students. I want to see what their response will be and whether I can engage them into writing regularly.Let´s see...


  1. Dear Cleide,

    I'm glad you just got started and are already trying out things. Remember, blogging takes time. Don't get frustrated. Some students will join you, others will never be there...but the rewarding part is that you can always reach a soul!

  2. I´m aware that there will be disappointments, but I guess it´s ok, right? Bring ´em on!rsrsrs... Thanks, dear.