Monday, July 26, 2010

Jerry´s morning

I used this activity with my teen students last semester. They were very participatory and cooperative. In this activity, they were supposed to watch the first 7 minutes of the movie "Three o´clock high" and then discuss and put slips with sentences in the past (provided by the teacher) in the order they appear in the movie. After that, students wrote a paragraph describing the segment. It was supposed to be a graded task and I evaluated the use of the verbs in the past, sequence and linking words.

Suggested sentences:

Yesterday, Jerry had a very busy morning.
He woke up.
He looked at the clock.
He got up
He washed his hair
He looked for clean clothes.
He found a pair of jeans.
He found a wet shirt.
He put the shirt in the microwave oven.
He also put a cookie in the oven.
He grabbed the tooth paste and the tooth brush.
He grabbed his sweater.
He put on his shirt.
It was hot.
He grabbed the keys and his books.
He ran to the car.
The car had a problem.
He took his mom´s car.
He brushed his teeth in the car.
He put on his sweater.
He stopped to pick up a friend.
He drove off to school.
This is why Jerry´s morning was so busy.

Tip: Not all of the slips have to be used.

Jerry´s Morning

These are my students first drafts.

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