Friday, July 16, 2010

Who´s willing to get their hands dirty?

I was reading the Weblog "Word and Image" by Sigrid Jones and I saw this picture and I loved it. It says so much to me. It reveals (this is the way I see it due to the experience I had last semester and I´ve been having regarding Web Tools) to me the need to roll up our sleeves and make it happen. This semester, I´m working on a seminar presentation about digital learning for young learners and during this period, which actually started last semester, when I was introduced to web 2.0.(by taking the online course Webtools for Educators), I´ve been facing challenges (and by the way, overcoming each one of them)that for some educators would make them think why bother? , but instead of asking that question, which I honestly was inclined to, I decided to see where this road would lead me. So, challenged (in a good way) by my dear colleague Dani Lyra to be part of this project, I was determined to enjoy the journey, implementing the tools in class and sharing my discoveries. The feeling of accomplishment and the faces of the students after they see their final work posted for everyone to see, parents and friends in particular, is priceless. Cool feeling indeed.

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