Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A blog for the parents

My dear friend and colleague Dani Lyra, suggested that, along with my wiki, I also create a blog to post my students´work, so parents can see it. Here it is.


  1. Hi Cleide,

    I love the blog. It's colorful and appealing.Students are going to have a blast! I usually have one blog per class but I really liked your idea of posting all level's work on a single blog. It might be interesting and stimulating for the children to see other groups' work.Let us know how it goes...

  2. Cleide,

    I loved the blog. Parents will be thrilled! Great way to establish school/family connection. You are a wonderful professional...

  3. Josimeire, I also had some other blogs for different groups, but Carla Arena, a colleague in charge of the webteam here at the school I teach at, told me it´s kind of overwhelming trying to manage more than one blog, so I decide to focus just on one.Actually two. I also have the wiki, destined for the students.I´m glad you liked this idea. Let´s keep sharing!!!! After all, that´s how learning takes place, isn´t it?

  4. Dani, I can´t thank you enough for all the support you have given me. You´re the best. I´m glad we´re colleagues. I learn so much with you.