Sunday, August 22, 2010

Once upon a Time...

Video Segments


My intermediate students are learning the Simple Past and Past continuous to tell stories.

1) Students watch two video segments;
2) Students are divided in two teams;
3) Each team will be assigned one of the stories;
4) They will decide what they will say and who in the group will say what. They have to know who the characters are, the setting and the plot;
5) Students in the group will tell the story to the other group and vice-versa.The teacher records them in audio or video.

Based on the audio/video recorded in class, the teacher will prepare for the following class, a transcription of both stories. As a WRITING TASK, students will receive each a copy of the transcriptions and with the monitoring of the teacher, they will add what they might think is missing and correct any grammar problems, such as verb tenses or word forms.


  1. Isn´t it? I thought so too. The ones that saw the videos loded them too.