Saturday, August 14, 2010

My wiki - part 2

It´s been really exciting to work on the wiki . I admit that although I don´t have much time for that, I´m having a blast drawing the super duper character. Carla suggested that I created a character for my wiki, something that would be appealing to the students.I had never drawn something with such passion, passion that helps me create them very easily. Also, seeing the students work is a plus. Of course, there are just a few, but I´m not worried. I´m letting them take their time to get to know the wiki and use it. A few students have already posted some work in it, which they do at home, after I teach them in class . It´s been great to see their commitment to it. 


  1. I'm soooo super duper proud of you! You are very talented and commited.Your students are lucky to have you!