Monday, August 30, 2010

Shared Reading for VERY young learners

Daniela Lyra invited me to illustrate a project she´s working on along with Ana Maria Scandiuzzi, another workmate here at Casa Thomas Jefferson, the school we work at. The book is about FAMILY and it´s supposed to be used with very young learners, who are learning family vocabulary. Dani did not specify what she wanted. She simply told me she needed some drawings of family members, mother, father, etc...Because I was involved with the Super Duper character, which I drew using Paint Brush and whose result I liked very much, I decided to draw the family members using the same technique. I liked the way the trace looks when it´s finished. It doesn´t look pompous or professional. On the contrary, it looks raw and childish, which is exactly what I like about it. I enjoyed the result very much, the colors are great and the book looks super cute! Check it out!

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