Friday, January 13, 2012

Classdigitools: Task 1

For our first task, which is make an introduction of ourselves, I decided to do something different this time. I´m used to draw or use images, but this time, I didn´t want to do that. I wanted to do something new, so I´ve written a song. That´s right! I wrote a song about my teaching experience with digital tools in class. Here is the result:

POSSIBILITIES (By Cleide Nascimento)

My name is Cleide and I've been an EFL teacher for twenty one years now
And in case you're wondering...yes, I've had a blast!
Never before did I consider using technology in class
But something happened, things changed
All of a sudden I had available in my classroom
A computer, data show, and a flashdrive

In addition to all these things, I was introduced to webtools
I was so overwhelmed, but eventually, I got the hang of it!
I got the hang of it! I got the hang of it!

With the passing of time, I've come to realize
And got so excited about all the things that I can do!
I'm really excited about the possibilities!
There are so many possibilities!
My classes won't ever be the same with all the possibilities

With all the things that I can do! With all the things that we will do!
I will be a better teacher using webtools!


  1. Dear Cleide,

    Really, I was impressed by your creativity.
    You wrote a poem and sang it ... Wow!

    It is a good start for the course!
    I'm so happy to meet you online!

    Azhar youssef
    Smiles from Egypt!

  2. Wow!I'm impressed!Excellent job! Congrats, Cleide!