Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sandbox: Part 2

Dear all, my computer crashed and I was out for three days! However, I´m back now and while playing with the sandbox, I discovered a tool called STRIP GENERATOR.What is interesting about it is that students, after being taught how to use it, can easily work on their own stories. There are characters, frames and items to choose from. Very fun, indeed! I decided to try it, so here´s a little story:
After trying MAKEBELIEFSCOMIX, I have to say that although it´s also super fun, because the possibilities for characters are broader, it´s a "little" more complex to make use of it (in case you try, you will see what I mean) and students might get a little impatient. Nevertheless, they would be perfectly able to create a story on their own (keeping in mind of course that they would have to be taught first, because modeling should not be left out). Furthermore, the result is fantastic! Students will flip!!!! 

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