Friday, January 13, 2012

Classdigitools: Task 2

For this task, we were supposed to reflect upon the Technology Integration Matrix provided at and reflect on where we currently are and where we´d like to be. It was great to see where I am now, which is the active (I would dare to say "collaborative" also) adaptation level. There´s still a lot to improve, and I´m willing to reach a level in which students are able to choose a tool and work more independently to achieve an outcome. I had the opportunity to see that happen last semester, but with a few students, not all. Most of the time, I determined what tool to be used for a particular task and guided them all the way. Also, helping students use the tools more collaboratively and constructively is my goal for the next semester. I hope I can make it. There´s a long way ahead, but I´m optimistic about it.    

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