Friday, January 13, 2012

Electronic Village Online: Free Professional Development

Hi everyone!!! I´m back. Still on vacation from work, but for the next five weeks, I´ll be participating in the EVO. During this time, I´ll be connecting with other EFL teachers, sharing and learning as well.I´ll be participating in two sessions: "CLASSDIGITOOLS" and "STORYTELING4KIDS". I´m super duper excited and I´ll try to keep you posted as much as possible. One of our tasks is to create an online space where we'll keep our tools, reflections and material we produce. Since I already have this space, I´ll be using it!Hope I have a lot of fun and learn a lot! By the way, I´d like to apologize for not posting this before. I´ve just realized that would have allowed  you to join the group on Day 1.

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